Submission of proposals

Please include your proposal in the submission template attached to the call.

Name (s) of the speaker (s):

Institutional affiliation of the speaker (s):

Email address (es):

Format of the intervention:

Indicate here whether it is an oral presentation, a workshop, a symposium or a poster.

Title of the paper (in 2 languages ​​Greek, French or English):


Your summary, submitted in 2 languages ​​(Greek, French or English) must pose a questioning, resume the theoretical framework, the methodology and elements of results, if there are any, as well as a short bibliography.

For symposia, you will submit one abstract per paper (3 papers maximum per symposium).

Axis which the intervention is linked to

Bibliographical references: 5 references maximum

Keywords (in 2 languages: Greek, French or English): 5 maximum

The summary with the bibliography should not exceed 3000 characters including spaces

Send proposals in Word format to the following address:

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Deadline for the submission of paper proposals: February 15, 2021

Response from the scientific committee: May 30, 2021